Company Spotlight: Uber


Uber is one of the most discussed (and searched) companies on Blind. From compensation, culture, and talks about going public, here’s what our users have been saying about Uber during the past month.

Recent Offers

b!qwh!pp3r | NewI have an offer from Uber for Software Engineer II, 147k base + 13k target cash bonus + 52k target refresher RSU + 240k RSU over the usual 4 year vesting schedule schedule.

camerakit | AmazonSrSE a, 171k/440k stocks based on 409a recent eval/ 25k cash +80k stock year end target bonus (Increased my target bonus cash and d stock both after initial offer).

aneemz2 | New178k/433k with target bonus 25k/103k.

diebut | Microsoft: Got offers for L5 SWE from Uber and Airbnb. Compensation numbers are pretty close. ~190K base $600k RSU based on 409a, no sign on. 

ammyy | Google: Got an under sr2 offer and here’s the details: Base 192k / Target bonus 30k / Stock 19400share. Also have around 40k sign on bonus. Is it acceptable? Currently L5 at Google but will have 4 year cliff soon. 

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