Walmart Employees Say Their Company Can Be the Next Amazon

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Amazon recently followed Apple to become the second U.S. company to reach a valuation of $1 trillion. The company that began as an online retailer for books has gone on to transform the e-commerce industry. Not only is Amazon leading the way for e-commerce, but the company has been delving into other ventures too: a chain of grocery stores, an app store, and even a film studio.

Amazon’s footprint keeps growing and leaves many to wonder if a competitor will emerge to challenge the current e-commerce giant. We reached out to our community of tech professionals to find out their thoughts on the matter. From September 10 through 14, we presented the following survey question to our users: “Which of these companies will dethrone Amazon as the largest e-commerce business in the U.S.?” Available options included: eBay, Wayfair, Walmart/Jet, Target, and Costco. Users also had the option of choosing “other” or “no company can overtake Amazon.”

Among the 5,614 people that participated in this survey, 72.60 percent answered that no company can overtake Amazon. Walmart/Jet received the most votes for being able to dethrone Amazon but these votes only made up 13 percent of all responses. Over 6 percent of users chose “other” as being likely to challenge Amazon, followed by 2.44 percent who chose eBay. Target received the least votes with just over 1 percent.

We also broke down the survey results by company to see what employees from top e-commerce companies had to say. The charts below show the results for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart/Jet. Over 70 percent of survey participants from Amazon and eBay claim that no company can overtake Amazon (a close match to the overall results). However, the majority of Walmart/Jet employees claim otherwise. Close to 65 percent of Walmart/Jet employees believe that their company can challenge Amazon in the e-commerce landscape.

As Amazon continues to lead e-commerce and step foot in additional industries, some of its employees are rooting the company on. Then there are others who speak out that the company’s intensely diversified portfolio keeps it from developing quality products.

There’s no doubt that Amazon is growing but whether they can do so successfully and sustainably is up for discussion. Challenging Amazon’s lead won’t be easy and it won’t come quick for companies like Walmart, eBay, or Target, but the task may not be impossible either. Amazon didn’t reach its current iteration and its $1 trillion valuation overnight. In fact, it took the company over 20 years.

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