76 Percent of Tech Employees Say Trump’s Tariffs Bad for Business

Are the recently announced tariffs good for business? We asked our users this question and the results were mostly one-sided.

Yesterday, we posted the survey results from employees who work in the retail and e-commerce industry, and out of the 1,525 participants, 81.2 percent responded that the Trump administration’s tariff’s are not good for business.

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Among the retail companies with at least 50 employee survey responses, Walmart had the highest percentage of employees who responded “No” (83.05 percent). This is not surprising considering the company has been a vocal opponent of imposing tariffs on Chinese goods. Last month, Walmart sent a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer warning that the immediate impact will be to raise prices for consumers and tax American businesses.

The retail and e-commerce industry is not alone. Big names in tech, including Google, Dell, and IBM, have voiced opposition to the new tariffs, claiming that it will restrict growth and place American companies at an economic disadvantage with other nations. Tech employees on Blind seem to share the same sentiment.

From September 19 through 25, we asked users on Blind to answer “Yes” or “No” to the following question: “Are tariffs on Chinese goods good for business?” Out of 7,882 total survey participants–most of whom are tech employees–75.54 percent replied “No.” Among tech companies with at least 50 employee responses, Square had the highest percentage of employees who answered “No” with 96.43 percent. Veritas had the lowest with about 54 percent.

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