22 Percent of Apple Employees to Delete Facebook Accounts, 20 Percent Already Have

In September, Facebook announced that 50 million users had their information accessed by hackers. On Friday, however, the company announced that the number of affected users was actually about 29 million. Hackers accessed information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates.

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When the data breach was announced at the end of September, we decided to survey our community of tech employees and see if the latest incident will lead them to delete their Facebook account. We asked them one simple question: Will the latest data breach cause you to delete your Facebook account?

Participants could answer with A.) Yes, B.) No, or C.) I do not have Facebook. A total of 5,273 Blind App users responded, with 16.03 percent answering with Yes, 66.09 percent answering with No, and 17.88 percent saying they do not have a Facebook account.

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This is not the first data breach Facebook has experienced this year. In March, it was revealed that the company Cambridge Analytica had harvested the personal data of millions of people’s Facebook profiles without their consent and used it for political purposes. Shortly after this, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, criticized Facebook, and called for the company to be regulated. Given Cook’s criticism of Facebook, we decided it would be interesting to see how Apple employees responded to our latest survey question.

Out of the 236 Apple employees who answered the survey question, 22.46 percent say they will delete Facebook, versus only 16 percent of the overall survey respondents. We also found that a higher percentage of Apple employees do not have a Facebook account. Combined, just under 43 percent of Apple employees say they either will delete Facebook, or they do not currently have a Facebook account, versus 34 percent of the overall survey respondents.

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In April, a month after the Cambridge Analytica data breach, we asked our users if they plan on deleting their Facebook account. A total of 14 percent answered with Yes, which is two percentage points lower than in our most recent survey.

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