Survey: Should Sheryl Sandberg Remain COO?

Last week we released survey results about depression in the tech industry. One thing we found was that 37% of Facebook employees say they are depressed. This week, we’re releasing survey results about the impact the recent negative press surrounding Sheryl Sandberg has had on the company.

We asked users of the Blind App two questions:

  1. Have scandals involving Sheryl Sandberg devalued Facebook?
  2. Should Sheryl Sandberg remain COO of Facebook?

A total of 8,972 tech employees using Blind answered the first question, with 55.62% answering “Yes,” scandals involving Sheryl Sandberg have negatively impacted Facebook’s value. Among those who answered, 802 were Facebook employees. Among Facebook employees, only 27.06% answered “Yes.”

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For the follow-up question, a total of 6,328 answered the question, with 55.36% answering “No,” Sheryl Sandberg should not remain COO of Facebook. Among those who answered, 595 were Facebook employees. Among Facebook employees, only 28.4% responded with “No.”

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More about the survey results:
Both survey questions were shown to users of the Blind app from December 1 through December 6, 2018. Respondents could only answer once, and in order to answer the follow-up question, respondents had to answer the first question.

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