A Message from the CEO

Dear Valued Users of Blind,

Since I started this company five years ago, our mission at Blind has always been to foster transparency within the workplace. I wanted Blind to be a place where users feel safe to express their feelings and give everyone a voice at work.

On December 19, while developing an internal tool for troubleshooting, we learned that the settings on one of our servers were misconfigured. This is inconsistent with our strict security policy. As a co-founder and CEO of Blind, I take responsibility for this, and I am very sorry this occurred.

After immediately investigating the matter, we disabled the server and secured potential vulnerabilities. Please know that we have closed this matter as we have not found any evidence that any data was misappropriated or otherwise misused. In addition, we have made extensive adjustments to our internal procedures to ensure this type of incident will not happen again. Please be assured that this was not a malicious hack, and this incident does not reflect our security posture.

Blind’s mission relies on the trust of our users. For that, security is incredibly important. We remain fully committed to ensuring we provide a safe environment for our entire Blind community.

Thank you,
Sunguk Moon
Co-founder and CEO

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