Facebook Employees Still Overwhelmingly Support Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg

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Media coverage was not kind to Facebook in 2018. Scandals about how the misuse of user data, bullying of employees, and hiring opposition research firm to investigate critics and competitors, are just a few examples. All of the negative press coverage and external pressure on Facebook last year sparked some to call for Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and even CEO, Mark Zuckerberg to be replaced.

We decided to survey the more than 10,000 Facebook employees using Blind about their support for both executives. We started with Sheryl Sandberg, and in December, we asked our users two questions:

  1. Have scandals involving Sheryl Sandberg devalued Facebook?
  2. Should Sheryl Sandberg remain COO of Facebook?

Among the nearly 9,000 who responded to the first question, were 802 Facebook employees. Among Facebook employees, 73 percent responded with ‘No.’ For the second question, 6,328 responded, 595 of which were Facebook employees. Again, Facebook employees answered overwhelmingly in Sheryl Sandberg’s favor, with 71.6 percent responding that Sandberg should remain COO of Facebook.

Earlier this month, we followed up by asking our users the same survey questions about Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

  1. Has Mark Zuckerberg devalued Facebook?
  2. Should Zuckerberg remain as CEO at FB?

A total of 11,795 tech employees using the Blind App answered the first question, with 56.5 percent answering “Yes,” scandals involving Zuckerberg have negatively impacted Facebook’s value. Among those who answered, 985 were Facebook employees, with only 17 percent of them answering with “Yes.”

For the follow-up question, a total of 8,229 tech employees answered the question, with 46.7 percent answering “No,” Zuckerberg should not remain as CEO of Facebook. Among those who answered, 735 were Facebook employees, with only 16.6 percent responding with “No.”

More survey details:
The survey ran from Jan 10  through Jan 18, 2019, and was answered by 11,795 users of the Blind app. Users could only answer once.

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