Worried About Layoffs? Tech Employees Weigh in About Layoff Anxiety

One of the most popular topics discussed on Blind involves layoffs and the anxiety surrounding them. This is why we recently launched an entire channel dedicated to the topic. Given the constant interest, we decided to ask our community of tech workers about their layoff anxiety at their current company.

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We asked users to answer “Yes” or “No” to this one simple question: Are you worried about layoffs at your current company?

The survey ran from February 2 through February 8, 2019 and was answered by 8,230 users on our app Blind. Overall, 35.9 percent responded with “Yes,” they are worried about layoffs at their current company.

35.9% worried about layoffs at their company

We also broke down the results by companies with at least 75 unique responses from employees. Here’s what we found:

  • Tesla has the highest percentage of employees worried about layoffs, with 77.22 percent of Tesla employees answering with ‘Yes.’
  • eBay and Snapchat round out the top three with 71.88 percent and 71.25 percent respectively answering with ‘Yes.’
  • Google has the lowest percentage of employees worried about layoffs, with only 11 percent answering with ‘Yes.’
  • Rounding out the three companies with the lowest percentage worried about layoffs, are Facebook with 11.53 percent answering with ‘Yes,’ and LinkedIn, with only 15.17 percent answering with ‘Yes.’

Tesla layoffs, oath layoffs, snapchat layoffs, EBAY layoffs

Worried about layoffs at your company? Download Blind now and post your questions to our community of tech workers in the Layoffs channel.

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