56% of Techies: I Am Underpaid!

Tech workers are often paid more than the general population. It’s not unheard of for software engineers and other tech employees to make six figures and receive large signing bonuses. This made us wonder how satisfied tech employees are with their total compensation.

To find out, we ran a survey to our community of tech workers on the Blind app. We asked users to answer ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’ to this statement: I am paid far less than the value I create.

The survey ran from  March 14 through March 22, 2019 and was answered by 10,563 users on our app Blind. Overall, 55.8 percent responded with “TRUE,” they feel underpaid.

We also broke down the results by companies with at least 100 unique responses from employees. Here’s what we found:

  • Uber led the way with 60.68% of employees answering with TRUE.
  • Rounding out the top three were LinkedIn (with 60.53%) and Intel (with 59.09%).
  • Facebook had the lowest percentage of employees answering with 31.00%.
  • The two other companies with the lowest percentage of employees answering with TRUE are eBay (with 44.64%) and PayPal (with 46.00%).

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