Over 16% of those who identify as LGBTQ say their workplace is NOT a safe space.

Most companies know that employees are happier and more productive when they feel comfortable at work. In order to do that, companies implement policies that make their workplace an inclusive environment for minorities like the LGBTQ+ community.

Last year, we found out that 92% of tech workers believe their workplace is LGBTQ friendly. This year, we wanted to raise the issue of LGBTQ+ inclusivity again, but from a slightly different angle by asking if employees thought that their workplace is a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals. We also gave the survey participants an option to identify their gender identity and sexual orientation. 

Key Points:

  • 22.36% of Trans/ gender non-conforming individuals answered ‘No’ to the question, ’Do you feel  that your workplace is a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals?’.
  • 16.85% of LGBQ individuals answered ‘No’.
  • 9.47% of overall tech employees answered ‘No’.
  • There is a stark difference between the discrimination experienced between those who identify as LGBTQ+ and those who don’t.

The Survey:

From 6/11/2019 to 6/18/2019, workplace community app Blind ran a survey to its users to find out the sentiment about the LGBTQ+ inclusivity at US tech companies.

Q1: Do you feel that your workplace is a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals? [Yes/ No]

Q2: Do you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or queer? [Yes/ No]

Q3: Do you identify as trans or gender non-conforming? [Yes/ No]


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Is your workplace a Safe Space for LGBTQ+?YesNo
Trans/ Gender Binary77.64%22.36%