Majority of Googlers Don’t Believe Change in Leadership Will Impact the Future of the Company

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are two big names that come to mind when thinking of leaders in tech. It may be hard for many to imagine Google/Alphabet without these two, but the ones who would seemingly be affected the most are surprisingly the most nonchalant about the change.


We evaluated the sentiment of 539 verified Google employees with the following questions:

Q1: What impact will the departure of Larry Page and Sergey Brin have on Alphabet’s future? (539 responses)

  • Positive Impact
  • Negative Impact
  • No Impact

Q2. Are you confident in Sundar Pichai’s leadership as the CEO of Alphabet? (396 responses)

  • Yes
  • No


Key Takeaways

  • 59.7% of Google employees think the departure of the founders will have no impact on Alphabet’s future.
  • 56.1% of Google employees are optimistic about Alphabet’s new CEO Sundar Pichai.


What We Learned From Verified Google Employees on Blind

“Still don’t know what the fuss is about. This doesn’t change anything internally. Larry and Serge are still board members. Google is the biggest bet of Alphabet. CEO of Google is taking over Alphabet responsibilities. It’s cool or not. Does not matter much internally or externally.”

“At least on my floor no one seems to care, didn’t see anyone bat an eye about it.”

“Doesn’t really change much. Kinda going back to the pre-2015 days before Google was made a subsidiary of Alphabet.”

“Larry and Sergei were already MIA. For last 2 years both were focusing on side projects and X.”

“Literally doesn’t matter, they’re still on the board. All this is is a title change, power move, and probably pay bump for Sundar.”

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