Nearly a quarter of employees are NOT being honest on employee pulse surveys

Each year, companies poll employees to get a pulse on their company culture. Human Resources professionals are looking for what is working – helping with retention – and what isn’t working, causing turnover. The only way these surveys are effective is if employees tell the truth, of course, and the anonymity factor is designed to encourage honesty. As an anonymous professional network, we wondered how honest people really are on employee pulse surveys, so we asked our users. The result – we found that these employee pulse surveys might not be so reliable after all. 

Our survey asked professionals on Blind if they give honest feedback on employee pulse surveys and whether or not they fear backlash based on how they respond:

Key Takeaways:

  • Nearly a quarter of employees are NOT being honest on employee pulse surveys, which means the company is not getting an accurate picture of how employees really feel
  • More than 1 in 4 employees at Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Uber are NOT answering employee pulse surveys honestly 
  • More than half of employees at Uber, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon fear backlash based on their responses the employee pulse survey
  • 86% of Apple employees say the company has NOT used employee pulse surveys to create positive change

We’re left wondering if employee pulse surveys are ultimately inaccurate, is there a better way to measure employee satisfaction and benchmark it over time? 

Do you answer employee pulse surveys accurately? Tell us why or why not on Twitter @TeamBlind.