Employees Need Personal Growth to Be Happy in Their Workplace

Employee growth and professional development are critical factors in employee engagement and retention. In a Gallup poll, 87% of millennials say professional development is essential in a job. Many companies invest a lot of resources in their employee development programs. It is evident that personal growth highly correlates with the commitment of the employees, which drives the prosperity of the organization, creating a virtuous cycle. 

At Blind, from over 3.2 million work-email verified users, we gather workplace insights on how professionals feel about their workplace. Last month, we asked our users to reflect on how much personal growth they had in their organization in 2019. And then, we broke down the results by employer to find companies where employees were most satisfied with their personal growth. We also looked into how personal growth affects their happiness in the workplace. 



From December 9th to 31st 2019, we surveyed a total of 10,129 users and asked the following questions: 

Q1. In 2019, how much growth do you think you had while working at your organization? 

  • Significant Growth
  • Moderate Growth
  • No Growth

Q2. Are you happy at your current workplace?

  • Yes
  • No

After we collected the responses, we gave each company a personal growth score by giving more weight to “significant growth” over “moderate growth” and for “no growth,” a score of 0. 

Key Takeaways

  • Bloomberg, JUUL, Cruise Automation, Facebook, and Spotify ranked top 5 on our list, where employees thought they had the most growth in 2019 — followed by Wayfair, Google, Lyft, Walmart, and Uber.
  • Not surprisingly, employees who felt they had significant growth (79% happy) in their organization were much happier than the employees who thought they had only moderate growth (57% happy), And of course, employees who responded that they had no growth (16% happy) were very unhappy.


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