LinkedIn, Netflix, Bloomberg, Capital One Among the HR Departments Doing an Exceptional Job According to Their Own Employees

The human resources department has a wide range of tasks. HR helps recruit and hire employees, helps build company culture, establishes company-guiding policies, and handles complaints. HR is, purportedly, even there to help guide employees as they figure out their careers and what step comes next for professional growth. At Blind, we surveyed 11,809 verified professionals to better understand what influence HR truly has on company employees.   

While a handful of HR departments are doing a good job of understanding the needs of employees and providing them with helpful coaching and advice, the majority can do better. 

The companies that scored at the top when asked, “Does your company’s HR care about the professional development of employees?” include:

  • 56 percent of Bloomberg employees responded “yes.”
  • LinkedIn: 47 percent
  • Goldman Sachs: 41 percent
  • Google: 37 percent
  • Capital One: 35 percent

Compared to just 24 percent of all employees that believe HR is looking out for their career growth. 

Similarly, there are companies whose HR departments “care about the well-being of employees.” The following companies’ employees responded “yes” to the question of whether HR departments care about well-being at higher rates than the sample’s 36 percent:

  • LinkedIn: 57 percent responded “yes” to “Does your company’s HR care about employee well-being?”
  • Bloomberg: 56 percent
  • Zillow Group: 55 percent
  • Workday: 54 percent
  • Adobe: 54 percent

Just like with these questions, employees of certain companies felt that their HR departments were better facilitators when it comes to recruitment. Fifty-five percent of all employees responded “no” to the question “Does your company’s HR/recruiting team do a good job in facilitating the hiring process?” However, employees at these companies responded “yes.”

  • Bloomberg 75 percent
  • Netflix: 73 percent
  • Capital One: 66 percent
  • Facebook: 65 percent
  • LinkedIn: 64 percent
  • Zillow Group: 60 percent
  • Google: 59 percent
  • Airbnb: 58 percent
  • Wayfair: 58 percent
  • Groupon: 55 percent

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What Our Users on Blind Are Saying

“Lots of learning opportunities through training and meetups.”

“Ex bbg and culture for me was great. Everyone is super friendly and pretty happy to go to work. It’s not the most exciting place but many stay for life.”

Salary is decent. Work culture is pretty good. Lots of good teams and great projects in progress. Easy to switch around teams if you land up on a bad one.”

“Work life balance is among the best out there.”

Anonymous at Bloomberg


“The HR in Netflix actively gather compensation numbers to stay informed.”

“Mature and unique culture. Interviews  are  professional conversations steered to understand where you can help the most.”

“Never regretted joining Netflix. Best company I have worked in my 20 years of career.”

Anonymous at Netflix

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