[AMA] I love working at Facebook

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Contrary to popular opinion on Blind, I love working at Facebook. I was at Google for 3 years before this. AMA, I won't be a b*itch


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  • Microsoft codingGuru
    Is PIP a real thing? Do you see your teammates being let go every 6 months or 1 year? No matter what, X% employees are forced out of Facebook?
    Feb 6 47
  • Bloomberg ABACUS<GO>
    This thread has re-established two facts about FB:

    1) FB performance ratings are assigned according to a fixed distribution, and 10% of engineers receive the lowest "meets most" rating in each semiannual review.

    2) Those who receive two consecutive "meets most" ratings are PIP'ed out of the company.

    This means that a smart manager can simply rotate each of her team members through one nonconsecutive "meets most" rating and avoid putting anyone on PIP. But in practice, this rarely happens because managers strive to maintain their credibility to avoid being PIP'ed as well.

    A friend of mine joined FB at E4 and left after two years to join Google at L5. He thinks that working at Facebook reduced his life expectancy by a few years.

    There is also a third fact about FB, documented elsewhere by its employees on Blind:

    3) Those who are not promoted from E3 to E4 within 24 months receive a PIP, and those who are not promoted from E4 to E5 within 33 months receive a PIP.

    A PIP (performance improvement plan) is how FB and other big tech companies create documentation to terminate employees for performance reasons. Its duration and name vary by company, but it often starts 1 month before the employee is terminated.

    Given that the OP disputes these facts, this thread may be a Facebook HR ploy to improve its image on Blind, since Facebook's hiring difficulties and its stack ranking forced employee firing system have recently been publicized:



    Feb 8 29
    • Apple / Eng
      FB E6

      Apple Eng

      FB E6more
      Bloomberg's logic here is basically

      Supports my viewpoint = Facts
      Refute my viewpoint = HR ploys

      You said these are "documented facts" but only #3 is really documented (even then you don't always necessarily get a PIP). The articles you've cited so far is more speculations from external perspectives than proof. CNN could speculate all they want about Amazon firing bottom 50% of their employees all they want but it doesn't make that a fact or documented.
      Feb 13
    • Indigo / Eng HagU21
      As a person who worked at FB, I confirm all of the above. There is a stack ranking (10-18 percent slated to not meet expectations), and up-or-out on lower levels. Results in 85% of engineers who are either IC5 or IC4 needing to perform at IC5 to not be kicked out. Too many cooks. Brutal and toxic.
  • Oracle iOFR21
    what do you love there?
    Feb 6 9
    • LinkedIn fgl
      Funny I kinda wish I worked with more nerds. Non of my friends are in tech or are nerdy, so I wanna come to work and talk about tech but whatevs
      Feb 7
    • Google Rbmj23
      Woww I actually sadly agree 🤣that people at FB were actually very chill and cool. No-one tried to seem too nerdy and people were even more human than college nerds. Something to actually cherish😂
      Feb 9
  • CGI / Eng cgidood
    What team did you work at Google vs facebook?
    Feb 6 10
    • Facebook


      IBM, Google
      Bachelors & Masters in CS
      Lmao. Great content.
      Feb 7
    • Cisco / Eng

      Cisco Eng

      Nice b*tch
      Feb 7
  • TC, YOE, Org?
    Feb 6 16
    • Twitter Twttr
      Your TC includes signing bonus?
      Feb 8
    • Facebook BaQJ77
      Feb 8
  • VMware caradelo
    What accordingly to you is the key difference in cracking SWE interviews at google vs facebook? Or are they identical in every sense?
    Feb 6 13
    • Apple iamapple
      I hate privacy. That’s why I am on FB, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
      Feb 8
    • Deloitte / Consultant LGgu04
      May I prepare you guys a deck in these trying times, for $2M?
      Feb 10
  • Amazon JmIp08
    Hey there, If possible, can you let me know how data analyst role is in general at FB and the work life balance compared to SWE role. Also,do you know how is the people analytics/people data solutions team by any chance. Thanks
    Feb 6 3
    • New hgDk6f
      Great AMA response haha
      Feb 7
    • Microsoft / Eng

      Microsoft Eng

      Software engineer at Microsoft. Mater's degree in computer science.
      @OP you promised not to be a b*tch. If you don't have an answer, just say you don't.
      Feb 7
  • Amazon / Mgmt

    Amazon Mgmt

    True story: I declined an offer from Facebook after signing and accepting because during on boarding they made me sign in to my personal FB account and it completely changed my news feed. It was full of photos and videos of other employees working at FB talking about how amazing it was. The final straw was when I opened FB Messenger app and it gave me a pop up that said “Do you think Facebook is doing good for the world?”, with like TT scale response options. There was only UI to close but it looked disabled, no ignore or dismiss. That was creepy AF and I decided to stay at Amazon.
    Feb 8 13
    • Microsoft appaiah
      Facebook is creepy.
      Feb 10
    • Microsoft quittin
      this is all lie
  • Zillow Group leetax0r
    what's it feel like knowing you're contributing to oligarchs taking over the republic and helping turn this country into Russia? or how do you feel knowing that outside enemies use your platform to destabilize your own country and Facebook makes no attempts to counter it, in fact even going to lengths to encourage it?
    Feb 7 16
    • Facebook / Eng mallu
      The irony, this is the exact same problem the US has with guns and opioids.

      "But consciously selling it (guns/opioids/FB) to people who you know will wield it for bad purpose is not okay"

      The US needs to get its shit right. This does not absolve us (FB) of our mistakes, we obviously gave too much power to developers (bad actors) to have access to user data.

      Could we have known that it could be used for information warfare like the US did in Afghanistan, I didn't think because we assumed good intent; big mistake. We are trying to fix that with better data policy.

      1. FB should not be the harbinger of truth.
      2. FB should not be designing privacy policies even; it should adhere to one which the government should design (ie the people should)
      Feb 8
    • Google / Eng kool_aider
      I don’t want to sound too pro-FB, I’m not trying to defend FB. But if we say FB is helping bad people do bad things, then essentially we have to regulate the entire ads industry (esp. including google), which is huge. So my point is more like FB started out being an efficient tool that has been misused by bad actors. Bad actors can misuse any tool out there. If govt wants to do the right thing, I believe FB will cooperate, but the govt should act in the right way to bring about proper change. Blindly putting all the blame on FB is not going to do anyone any good.
      Feb 8
  • Amazon PYNv40
    How do you feel about Facebooks roll in genocide in Myanmar? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/15/technology/myanmar-facebook-genocide.html
    Feb 7 13
    • Amazon PYNv40
      I am not sure what your argument here is.
      Feb 7
    • Google unfadedz
      "get off your moral high horse", he's talking about genocide man, think about what that means, life is calm for us, be grateful
      Feb 7


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