2 Employers on STEM OPT until H1B comes out?

May 22, 2019 1 Comment

Hi, so I applied for STEM OPT and H1B. My H1B was chosen in the lottery so I will just need to wait for approval and wait till 10/1 for activation. My STEM OPT was received and is pending approval.

The startup I am working for has announced that they will downsize in October. So I plan to work until 10/1 and find a company that will transfer my H1b right once 10/1 hits.

My question is, I'm interviewing at alot of places right now (big ones like Uber, Zendesk, etc). If I am offered a position sometime between now and October, can I still accept and work for them under my STEM OPT till 10/1 and ask them to transfer my H1b on 10/1? I know you can work for two employers under STEM OPT so I plan to work for my current company and the new company - so that I can at least secure a position with the new company for my H1b transfer.

TLDR: STEM OPT & H1B filed & pending, can I work for two employers under STEM OPT right now until H1B comes out on 10/1 ?

Thanks everyone. It's been a roller coaster ever since I heard the sad news of downsizing. I am so grateful that I was chosen in H1B but so sad that I might not be able to keep it if I don't find a company willing to transfer it.


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