5 YOE..feel stuck

New / Mktg Nomm24
Jan 9 10 Comments

Bit of a rant/vent about my career and the next step.

I'm in marketing/strategy at an agency and service a very-large consumer electronics brand

I really like strategy and the actual work could be awesome.

My manager is stuck in the past wants to keep churning out the same crap that has worked for the last X years.

After a few promotions here, I can do this with my eyes closed, which has made day-to-day work a struggle.

My S/O landed a job at FANG and (doubles my salary) has the chance to build some really cool products and make decisions that people will actually see and use.

I feel stuck and frustrated. I'm still performing above and beyong, but I just found out I'm illegible for any bonuses becuase I already received an off-season promotion.

Blinders, is this just a matter of waiting for the right position to come up and jump? Or do I stick it out and try climb in the agency and get away from my boss?
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  • Google primes
    Please move out
    Jan 9 2
    • Buffini & Company TfFi18
      Agreed, you can't change the culture of a company unless you're C-level. Are you willing to feel unaccomplished for a few years for the slight chance of getting promoted to a chief officer? I'm in the same place as you, and it won't change. You're better off jumping ship to the right company
      Jan 9
    • New / Mktg Nomm24
      Appreciate it! I've had some limited success with interviews at bigger companies (pay pal, SK, Verizon) but I feel like I'm running into a wall just applying online and trying to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn
      Jan 9
  • Yelp / Eng baldwoman
    The solution is always leetcode and leave.
    Jan 9 3
    • Yelp / Eng baldwoman
      Leetcode anyway
      Jan 9
    • Google zer fi
      why troll? whats the purpose of it
      Jan 9
  • New / Strategy Mot@Jungli
    Refresh on digital marketing, analytics etc on coursera & leave. Why on earth would you put up with this, even if they were paying you 10x, and you had 6 kids to support...

    life is short. Yolo
    Jan 20 1
    • New / Mktg Nomm24
      Thanks man. I'm trying my best to get into tech good and proper but absolutely cannot catch a break. I wanna go in house and not just agency hop forever
      Jan 24
  • New / Strategy Mot@Jungli
    I don’t see a reason why you can’t. If you have spent more time in marketing/strategy for a particular vertical (s), target those tech companies who are trying to sell to those verticals and sell your expertise there. For example cloud companies are verticalizing over last couple of years. Say you spent time marketing for FinTech or for that matter flipping cement /industrial companies. TArget the marketing jobs in cloud for those verticals at tech companies.
    Jan 28 0


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