AMZN - Post Onsite [Application Status]

Carvana xhas171
Jun 25, 2019 5 Comments

TC: $170k
YOE: ~5

Had an onsite late last week (SDE).

I checked my application status on the jobs dashboard, which was “under consideration” and is now “application submitted”. I have seen similar threads on Blind, but none of them show any resolve by the OP.

I emailed my recruiter asking about the status change, and it’s correlation to a result. They got back to me right away saying it does reflect a decision, and that they’d call me once they have a moment. I’m currently waiting for them to call, and I am super nervous! So I’m turning to Blind.

My questions are:
1. Do they typically reject via email?
2. Have you or anyone you know gotten an offer in similar circumstances?
3. Have you or anyone you know gotten a rejection in similar circumstances?



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TOP 5 Comments
  • Apple / Eng HArx55
    Did you get rejected?
    Sep 14, 2019 0
  • Capital One

    Capital One

    Reject. Been there in same situation.
    Jun 26, 2019 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    If you are seeing “No longer under consideration” then your application was reviewed and recycled off of the job in question. Probably you should try if there’s relevant posts for you. I saw so many Amazonians there.
    Jun 25, 2019 0
  • Tata Consultancy Services kng_julian
    Been in almost similar situation. Don’t worry, it’s not a reject. With Amazon, you have to have patience.
    Jun 25, 2019 0
  • Microsoft 🦍Ape
    Google rejects by phone, amazon rejects by email often but sometimes phone after onsite
    Jun 25, 2019 0


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