APM applicant looking for referrals

New QUjx26
Aug 7, 2019 3 Comments

I am applying to APM programs (or entry level PM roles) this month and would like to apply via referrals, in order to increase my chances to be seen by the recruiters. If someone here would like to consider referring me, I would be very grateful. More than happy to send my resume in advance if you would like to evaluate first. I'm looking for referrals to Twitter, Dropbox, Yahoo/Oath, Lyft, LinkedIn, Asana, Square, Yelp, Indeed and Shutterstock. Thanks!


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Apple tttimmm
    might able to hook you up with Lyft. Feel free to pm me
    Aug 7, 2019 1
    • New QUjx26
      Thanks, just did!
      Aug 7, 2019
  • Indeed / Product lancer
    Ik it's super late but you can pm me for Indeed APM
    Oct 11, 2019 0


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