**AWS Vs Google Interviewing**

Aug 9, 2019 5 Comments


Currently at AWS and interviewing with Google next week (non technical marketing role). Aced the phone screen and talking to the HM next. Role is on the GCP team.

Can anyone share insights around similarities and differences between the two? What is google looking for? Any inputs around comp and what to expect?

The Google role is a demand generation manager position looking for 8+ years of experience. The role is based in Sunnyvale.

I’m currently an L6 at AWS with 10 YOE and my TC is $165K, which I believe to be low for my level in non-tech marketing.


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  • Microsoft / Biz Dev MemeGenX
    Google levels are offset by 1 vs Amazon so you should target L5, but they will probably downlevel you to L4. L4 comp easily beats your current TC though. Yes, you are way underpaid. L5 would be in the $250-280k range
    Aug 9, 2019 4
    • Expedia Group

      Expedia Group

      What was the base salary and job title? I feel like non-technical can be anything from finance to law.
      Aug 9, 2019
    • Microsoft / Biz Dev MemeGenX
      $160k base 15% bonus, $80k refresher. Was a marketing role. Google non-tech levels are all within a pretty similar range regardless of title. Non-tech levels are about the same as technical level -1
      Aug 9, 2019


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