Accepting the offer or look out for more?

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Being job searching for about 5 months, moved to the Bay area only recently and not working at the moment.

Applied at s bunch of companies, ended with 6 on-sites and only one offer. Rejection mostly by FAANG and scale ups.

I have now another 6 or seven process open, and I'm waiting for feedback from another two companies.

Shall I accept the only one offer I got or wait for these processes to move on?

I don't really like the company, the role is pretty mediocre and not exciting at all.

I do have savings to keep me going for a while, wife and I we just need to live maybe modestly with her income alone but In feeling more and more frustrated and this might be coming out with my interviews ..

Given my experience so far, my interview to offer ratio is so bad that I'm not sure this next batch of interview would end up well, hence I feel it might be a while longer before I land something ...

Non-SWE (150ish Tc)


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  • Ask the companies in the queue to speed up the process and tell them you have an offer already. Recruiters are usually open to this.

    Remember that the more you interview, the better you will get at advancing in the rounds. If you accept the job you are not excited about, it’ll show in your work. It doesn’t help you or the employer. And worst case you’ll be let go.

    Get 2-3 offers at a minimum and take the best offer that excites you and where you have a good manager who will support your career growth.
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    • Affirm / Eng ramenlover
      Recruiters act fast once they know you have an offer. Send out an email blast to all companies immediately for best results.
      Jan 15
  • Microsoft / Eng khoka
    Looks like you are not on golden handcuffs, a.k.a visa.

    That is why you can freely survive off you savings.

    Then why fear, take the offer up, and keep looking, if nothing else the next positive offer would be on top of your new TC.

    And you already did the hard work of leetcoding, so your next order should be sooner
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    • OP
      Not on H1b but on a visa indeed, although I'm not dependant on a company.

      I just feel I won't be committed and I'd rather stay home and work on personal prpjects/skillset would be a better way to spend my time (although not immediately profitable)
      Jan 15
    • Microsoft / Eng khoka
      Then you have your ans. This path also has its advantages. You are set at your current role, know your way around and can give a lot more time to job search and projects, where as at the new place you will have to work harder to come to speed.
      Jan 15
  • New UqmH75
    A 🐦 in hand is worth two in the bush
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