Adobe Interview

Dec 7, 2017 3 Comments

I have Adobe on-site interview coming up in San Jose. This team works on Artificial Intelligence, I have good domain knowledge.
My questions is how difficult leetcode (white board) can I expect?



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  • Facebook / Eng Elpm80
    I don't think they have a standardized interview process. I interviewed a little over a year ago and everyone just seemed to be winging it. 3 interviews were just conversational, and the most technical it got was talking through some things I'd built in the past.

    Three last interviewer was terrible and I got the sense no one else liked him. Literally just quizzed me on terminology, and was a huge dick about it too if I failed to recite the exact textbook definition of something.

    I got an offer but REALLY did not want to work with that guy so I passed.
    Dec 7, 2017 1
    • SAP / Eng JuliusCasr
      You had just 3 rounds? Mine is 4.5 hours long.
      Dec 7, 2017
  • Symantec LLbv28
    No standard process. They may end up asking about your domain and no leet code or just leet code or something totally different. Best of luck
    Dec 7, 2017 0


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