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Nov 5, 2017 5 Comments

In recent past, often I get bogged down with my current work. My Total years of experience is 5.5. I am a software dev, Last 3 years I spent most of my time in building big data pipelines. (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka). Three years back these were buzzwords. It kind of looked cool. Looking back, now I feel that I haven't solved challenging engineering problems. I some times feel that even new grads in FAANG and startups would have solved complicated engineering problems than me.

To those amazing software Dev's - what is most interesting and challenging engineering problem you have solved at work ? I wanted to know some inspiring stories of software Dev/ Engineering Manager who made significant contributions to their org.

Am I the only one who is not feeling accomplished for what I have done so far ? To those who is in the same boat as me. How do you manage this feeling ?

I start leetcode on and off. Have solved close to 150 now. I can prepare well and try get into FAANG. But, Would It help to me overcome this feeling ? what is the guarantee that quality of work I do would be better ?

To those who switched to FAANG , Uber, Lyft, Pinterest and to cool startups. Was work better than your previous job ?


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  • Microsoft onlythis
    Shipped a major feature. Was me and another kid. You've definitely seen it/played with it - it was on Xbox. Wouldn't recommend, got so much bad press, I'm still hesitant to put it on my resume. But heck if it wasn't a lot of fun and exactly what I signed up for when I started working here.
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  • Dropbox / Eng f(x)
    Same boring work, different company
    Nov 5, 2017 0
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  • PayPal Tada
    Bump ?
    Nov 6, 2017 0


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