Amazon Alexa Shopping and Selling Partner Services teams

Sep 4, 2018 1 Comment

Does anyone have any information about these particular teams? A recruiter for them reached out but I know nothing about them.

What problems are they solving ? What is it like working as an engineer on these?


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    They're probably trying to figure out how to get people to buy things through the Echo. And it's really hard, because no one trusts a verbal interface through a machine that can't exercise decent judgement on their behalf.

    So instead they'll focus on trying to hype it up to get other companies to become "partners" in the hope that they'll find a way to monetize it instead.

    They're also pouring money into this hoping that they'll become the dominant market name and interface, and that later they can loop back and improve things. While maintaining the market share in the meantime.

    So, in short, right now the team is probably a scrambled mess of chaos, hemoraging funds trying to prop up a device they can't properly support yet (proper AI, context sensitivity, etc). It'd probably be fun, but will likely end in tears
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