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Nov 18, 2019 2 Comments


I recently interviewed for an Applied Scientist position in Alexa org. After clearing the onsite interview (in Seattle), I was told by the HR that the team thinks that there is an expectation mismatch and he would like me to be considered for other teams without any interview.

Now they have connected me to the hiring manager for a team in Sunnyvale. After speaking to the Hiring manager, the work seems interesting. I requested to meet the team in person before making the final call, but the manager insisted on a chime call.

I am pretty hesitant to accept this position without knowing the people I will be working with. The reason being on a 15 min call, the work definitely seemed fancy, but how to be sure about what to expect?
I am planning to stay long term and thats why being a bit skeptical.

Is this normal? Am I wrong in the way I am approaching this?

Other pending offers: Apple, Microsoft, Stealth Startup
Pending Onsite: Didi Labs



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  • Quantcast Kid0h
    If meeting the team in person is important to you don’t budge and make that clear. I don’t think it is an unreasonable request. However it depends how badly they want you to join since meeting the team will end up taking everyone’s time which equates to $$$ for amazon.
    If I were you I would do the 15 min call, get a feel and by end of the call if still not sure just tell the manager that you would want to meet the team in person. I am not sure if they need to fly you in because that is unreasonable imo.
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  • You aren’t going to “know” anybody in an interview
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