FIS JzvH63
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I have attended two on-site interviews for TPM and SDM roles in Amazon in two months span. After first TPM interview i got a feedback that i’m good technically and in people managemnt so better suit as SDM and sent me for second onsite interview in another month. i have attended SDM interview and got the response yesterday that i was not selected. To my knowledge i answered all the questions genuinely in STAR format and solved the design question as well.

i really put lot of effort in prepartion, after answering all of the interview questions thought i would surely get a job in Amazon but it did not happen. I certainely did not understand the selection process and their criteria to choose candidiates. Anybody has similar experience?

Another request is, can anybody reffer me in other tech companies (ms/fb/linkedin) for SDM role?


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  • Amazon cx1
    While I'm sure you answered in STAR format, Amazon weighs a lot on exhibiting LPs in your stories. So with you mentioning they said the technical piece was good, I bet your LP examples werent as strong as they'd wish for a SDM/TPM L6/L7 role.
    Jan 22 0
  • Bar raiser decline maybe?
    Jan 22 1
  • Amazon bVGD46
    L6 interviews are not easy, particularly for people managers. Frankly most people I know were downgraded from their role outside to an L6, so you could have had fierce competition.
    Jan 22 1
    • FIS JzvH63
      You mean, I should have applied for L6 instead of L7?
      Jan 22


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