Amazon recruiter asked for TC expectations

Jan 10 15 Comments

I got connected to an Amazon recruiter through A-List and as we are scheduling the initial phone interview, they asked for my TC expectations in the email (along with standard questions about having pending offers or needing immigration related support).

How should I respond? I know what to expect in terms of TC based on what I have seen on here and, but I'm not used to discussing TC expectations before the first phone call and I don't even know the title/level they are interviewing me for.

YoE: 7 (senior PM)
TC: 160



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  • It works in your favor if you know your expected TC range and share it early enough. This helps them setup the interview loop for the right level. Not telling first is a good advice only if you have no idea how much you are worth to them, otherwise you are just hurting yourself. They may setup the loop for the lower level, or start negotiations from the lower end of the range.
    Jan 10 5
    • Also, don’t share your current TC, or try to justify your expectations.
      Jan 10
    • Axiom eOwpd34
      Knowing comp and setting market rate is good. For every ‘I could have gotten $200k more’ there are probably 9/10 people who get lowballed.

      You just have to be informed about market which is what lurking here will help you do.

      Understand your leverage. How long have they been looking for the role? How important is it? Do they have other candidates?

      The more info you get the better positioned you are to demand an above market rate.

      I like @jinyang’s strategy here.
      Jan 14
  • Amazon BritishRaj
    Don’t tell them anything until after they want to hire you.
    Jan 10 2
    • Capital One / Product Zakalwe
      Yeah, that's what I'm used to doing. I'm just caught off guard by them bringing it up even before the initial phone screen. Thanks!
      Jan 10
    • Microsoft / Eng SwiftSocks
      Why, though? There’s a ton of data here and elsewhere detailing out TC and where you’d likely map.
      Jan 10
  • New / Eng fyou.js
    You want the competitive market rate for your experience and skillset. Don't say a specific number
    Jan 10 1
    • Amazon OQwM06
      This. These exact words.
      Jan 10
  • Symantec lolololman
    I had the same thing, I responded with “A competitive rate for the position, level and location I’m hired at”
    Jan 10 0
  • WeWork ddhrhrifd
    160? Seems low.
    Jan 10 1
    • Capital One / Product Zakalwe
      That's why I want to leave. ha!
      Jan 10
  • American Express gandalf$$
    Amazon has the shadiest recruiters I’ve ever deal with. Pretend they are cops and say you don’t answer any questions. All joking aside, turn the question around and ask what level you are going to be evaluated at.
    Jan 10 0


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