Amazon sde at ww operations

Jun 12, 2019 2 Comments

I got a univ grad offer from amazon for the group ww operations in seattle location, team is yet to be decided won't happen till the last week. I have no clue about the kind of work this org do. Any help would be appreciated regarding the org, teams and work life balance.


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  • Amazon


    Most operation teams are being moved to Bellevue. Other than that it really depends on what team you are put in.

    WW operations include: transportation, SCOT, Customer Experience, prime, Delivery.

    The better growth opportunities will probably in Prime & SCOT. I think most opportunities are still in AWS but their WLB and on call is known to be hell.

    WLB also really depends on the team.

    Some teams in those sub orgs work on really large scale problems that are not seen outside of Amazon which is a good experience to have.

    Good luck.
    Jul 9, 2019 0
  • Cisco cisco_7
    Anyone any leads about the org.
    Jun 14, 2019 0


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