Any Business Analyst?

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Sep 12, 2017 2 Comments

Looking to know salary and best/worst part of job.

*getting promoted to Business Analyst- Sales & Marketing


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  • I’ve been a business systems analyst/business analyst for the past 6 years. Salary strongly varies on experience and domain expertise, but I’d say 80-100k is average in the Bay Area. Best part is the challenge of tackling different business problems everyday and seeing your business stakeholders get real value out of the project you just helped deliver. It’s a really good middle ground for people who love working with customers, but also enjoy the technical aspect of solution design and working with engineers to deliver the final product. The worst is if you end up working customers who know nothing about the system but still expect everything to be done in yesterday, because “how hard can it be!?”
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  • Genesis Financial Solutions / Eng

    Genesis Financial Solutions Eng

    Business analyst and business systems analyst for that matter are combinations of project management and reporting analysis. A strong grasp on requirements gathering and documentation, able to perform testing and guide user acceptance testing, able to query data, perform analytics, perform data mapping. Verify systems operating as designed. It's kind of a catch all role
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