Any recommendations for moving

Jun 9, 2018 2 Comments

I've been in analytics role for 6yrs, 4yrs in traditional way- excel/ppt, 2yrs in SQL and Tableau. Got a MS in Statistics and MBA in MIS, but never did any DS at work. Want to move to PM role related to DS, Any recommendation on comapny with such roles? Thanks.


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  • Intuitive Surgical CIA desu
    TC or GTFO
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  • Salesforce / Other Tytytytyty
    Have you done any PM work in your current role? Or side projects?
    With zero PM experience, it will be a struggle.
    Try interviewing at google or look for DS PM jobs on LinkedIn/Glassdoor. I am sure a few hiring managers will be interested in your profile as long as you can solve DS related case studies.
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