Anyone actually successful after getting a referral?

New lHoP84
Jan 16 4 Comments

I see so many people ask for referrals on blind and also comments from people offering to refer to their company. I'm wondering how many of you guys were actually successful getting the job after getting a referral. I'm also curious how many people referring ended up receiving a referral bonus. Is it worth posting here for a referral? Should I just keep spamming linkedin people or maybe spend some money on a referral website?


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  • Amazon b@n@na
    made a few hundred referring people on rooftop slushee but got the referral bonus only for 1 person
    Jan 16 0
  • Google / Strategy

    Google Strategy

    Google, McKinsey
    Referrals are a must have but there is no guarantee of anything as process is very selective. I referred 40 folks and prob got 2 or 3.
    Jan 16 1
    • Indeed really-fat
      how do you introduce them say here are 40 of my close friends
      Jan 16
  • Workday xyz9
    Referral only confirms that the resume will be seen by human eyes and not get automatically rejected by a bot.
    Jan 16 0


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