Anyone have leads on Event / Trade Show Marketing roles?

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May 7, 2018 1 Comment

Currently looking for a new gig but having a little trouble finding openings. Primary issues is that there isn’t a standard title for the role and it tends to be a more low-key search. Some I’ve seen are:

- Trade Show (& Event) Manager
- Event Marketing Manager
- Marketing Program Manager

Sometimes also coordinator / associate or something like that. Title doesn’t really matter too much, and depends on the company. I’m at a very startupy company right now, Sr. Manager might not be realistic at a bigger company.

Currently in medical marketing / healthcare tech. SaaS company. Mostly SMB (private practices, smaller group, ASCs) with some enterprise (eg hospitals.) I’m pretty much the only one handling logistics/planning - everything short of selling really. Combination of marketing, event planning, and biz dev.

More interested in a focus on the “program management” / operations side (ie planning, strategy) than marketing aspects.

3 years of (heavy) experience, and wrapping up a certificate (CTSM - handful of requirements before I can test/submit my portfolio.)

I’d like to stay in healthcare / medical but very option to other industries. Associations or SaaS in general could be a good fit too. Might also fit a program/project manager role.

I’ve got a solid resume and fantastic references. Tech savvy, great with Salesforce, some Hubspot.

Based in NYC, very open to relocation (would like to, really). Would love Denver, Austin, DC area, Chicago, maybe Cambridge/Boston or Minneapolis. San Francisco for the right offer. The less I’d need to drive the more appealing the city.

Even rather tentative leads or less directly related opportunities would be very appreciated. Feel free to PM.


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