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Dec 25, 2018

I use Google sheets to track my investments. Once in a while, I go and update me positions/quantities in the sheet, then use GOOGLEFINANCE API to get the actual Dollar amount of my positions.

I have accounts with several providers (Trad.ira & Roth ira with Fidelity, brokerage with Schwab, two 401k (wife and me) with Vanguard and Ameritrade respectively, HSA with Healthequity, and 529 with Utah Plus my RSU accounts with Morgan Stanley and wife's RSU with E*Trade. Manually updating the sheet needs me to login to each of these accounts and update the quantity once in a while.

I'm trying to see if it's possible for me to automate this. I came across tillerhq recently, which costs about $60 annually. I don't mind that price tag if it automates my entire flow above. Basically I need something that can pull my position data from each of these accounts and put it into a Google sheet. If it can also pull tax lots it's a bonus (then I can automate notification for Tax Loss harvesting information too).

They provide a free month of trial, but I expect they will keep putting a lot of sales pressure if I try to cancel, especially since that collect your payment information when you sign up (you have to call to cancel at end of trial). I was wondering if anyone here has already used tillerhq and can tell if it's useful for my use above.


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