Anyone working for Electronic Arts here?

Jan 19 18 Comments


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  • Cognizant bushfire
    Jan 19 1
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    • Amazon BlindIy
      I’m no longer there and wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy, but I thought EA had a bad rap too?
      Jan 19
    • Zoox fmwt
      I think they were voted as one of the worst companies by consumers. Gamers despise (or at least used to despise) EA. I don't think that reflects how it is to work for them.
      Jan 19
  • I like working for EA, people badmouthing EA usually do it because they see others doing it don’t see much of rhyme or reasoning, culture of the company is good.
    Feb 9 1
    • New PdBQ36
      Hi, how is the culture and stability in the EADP team?
      Feb 12
  • EA / Mktg DkVq08
    I like working for EA. What you read on Reddit from hardcore gamers is not indicative of what EA is actually like as a company.
    Jan 26 0
  • What role?
    Jan 29 5
    • Google kiIq17
      Can you help?
      Jan 29
    • Nope. Professional ethics. 🙂
      Jan 29
  • EA / Legal ✈️🚀
    It’s a good company if you wanna rot
    Jan 25 2
    • Google kiIq17
      Hi. Can you help?
      Jan 25
    • EA / Legal ✈️🚀
      Sorry, I work in legal. I am not allowed. But AMA
      Jan 28
  • EA / Product wut?!
    Kind of a mediocre place to work. Not a a dynamic company.
    Jan 20 0