Apple ICT2 HW TC and misc questions

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Jun 4, 2019 5 Comments

I accepted ICT2 HW position at Apple (Cupertino), and I'll be starting later this month. New grad with MS, was offered 125k base, 50k RSU/4 years, 25k sign-on bonus. Is this good? How is TC computed from these numbers?

I've looked around but not much information is available about ICT2 HW positions (@

This position is hourly, not salaried, so effective base will go up. Is ~50 hours/week reasonable in FAANG? They said they're hoping I'd perform well enough so within a year I'd transition to salaried. I'm assuming this is a move to ICT3, but sadly the increase in base won't match the overtime pay based on reported numbers.

I'm also a bit unsure how the bonus/RSU refresh works. I thought it was based on base salary, not initial RSU grant. Recruiter said otherwise. I was told its based on performance, and ~40-50% of initial RSU is awarded on average. Is this per year, or vested over 4 years similar to initial RSU grant? Either way, after 4 years it won't matter since each year you'll get the previous years' bonus delayed by 1 year each.

Also, for relocation allowance, is that given as a lump sum payment, or will I need to provide receipts of items related to the move?

Most information from this website conflicts with what the recruiter said. Thought I'd ask to clarify. Sorry for the rookie questions.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Apple kazqw
    I have 5 yrs exp ict3 and get 130 base.
    Jun 4, 2019 2
  • Tesla Guillen_J
    Was it mentioned in your offer letter that you will be an hourly employee and not salaried?
    Jun 4, 2019 1
    • Silicon Laboratories commonsourcerer
      Yes it’s all in the contract. Overtime is 1.5x hourly pay.
      Jun 5, 2019


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