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Oct 30, 2019 2 Comments


I have a call with a recruiter next week to discuss my full-time return offer. I have a couple of onsites pending(Amazon Applied scientist, Facebook ML, Didi Labs, etc.) for this month. Any suggestions on how to navigate through this call?

I was an intern at Apple last summer and will be offered ICT3. Can someone suggest what numbers should I quote if the recruiter asks for my compensation expectation?

Y.O.E.: 2 years (FAANG)
Currently a grad student at a top U.S. university.


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  • Listen to the offer, thank the recruiter, say you're excited and will get back after you have some time to think about it. Say you've got other on-sites coming and ask if they have a date by which you need to accept or decline.
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  • HERE / R&D HydroFlak
    Be upfront and politely let them know you have these other interviews in process and are going to wait and see how they turn out before making a decision. Being in demand with competing offers is key to getting better TC.
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