Apple salary question

EY / Project B4bored
Jan 4 4 Comments

looking for insight on program manager positions with Apple in LA. what are the Program manager levels and salary expectations.


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  • EY / Project B4bored
    BSBA: Accounting

    15 yrs exp. 7 In program management (non technical)

    Just trying to see if it is even worth applying, so no team yet.
    Jan 4 1
    • Apple SsVI50
      Target ~250k total
      Jan 4
  • Apple SsVI50
    Education, team and yoe?
    Jan 4 1
    • Jabil wFoT47
      What about the following:

      MS, in OB, Systems & Analytics
      BS, in Psychology & Business
      Team - People Portals (HR)
      17 total yoe, 10 system & portal admin, 4 analytics, 3 analytics project management, 2 system implementations (one was Workday for ~200k employees)
      Jan 6


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