Arbitrage across exchanges

Dec 20, 2017 3 Comments

I had some Bitcoin Cash coins on Bittrex showing the price of ~$3800. I see on Coinbase the price is ~$4300. I moved my BCH from Bittrex to Coinbase and made $500 per coin.

Did that just work?!?


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Square ruby
    As with all arbitrage, it works until enough people figure it out and the gains nullify
    Dec 20, 2017 0
  • Google bPBa22
    Nice. Now try and scale :)
    Dec 20, 2017 0
  • Microsoft Erica
    Spoke my mind and showed me a way to do it. I say why not gain from the arbitrage?
    Dec 20, 2017 0


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