Are companies no longer asking LeetCode on onsites (Senior SWE) ?

Feb 13 21 Comments

All of my recent onsites have been practical coding/pair programming with no LC.

Is it only FAANG that's asking LC during onsites these days?

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  • Google 6Feet6Inch
    Which companies did you interview at?
    Feb 13 6
    • Google 6Feet6Inch
      Lol, come interview at Google I’ll shaft you well with our LC-style questions if that’s what you yearn for.
      Feb 13
    • @6Feet6Inch: I have a Google interview soon. What LC-style problems are you going to ask me?
      Feb 13
  • Microsoft / Eng iWork4$
    If not LC what do they do for 4-5 hrs. All of system design?
    Feb 13 8
    • Facebook QbIr21
      Everyone should update this list when they find such companies
      Feb 13
  • Indeed rainwater
    Hi OP, does salesforce focus on leetcode? Companies I know for sure are very leetcode focused: FB, G, Dropbox, Linkedin, Twitter, Two Sigma.

    Amazon and Microsoft also ask Algo but not really that hard and doesn't require grinding hundreds of problems. In my experience at least.
    Feb 14 2
    • Salesforce quickfix
      Not aware of any guidelines on what to ask so very org/team/interviewer dependant.
      Feb 14
    • Google 6Feet6Inch
      Salesforce does ask LC style questions.
      Feb 14


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