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How is does in terms of talent? Is it on par with Cruise/Lyft/Uber/ or behind? How in general would you rate these companies talent-wise? On LinkedIn seems like Argo has quite amount of not relevant people.


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  • Apple / Eng gNfj54
    In my opinion the two teams with better talent are Waymo and Apple (because them can outbid everyone else).

    The two further ahead on AV development are Waymo and Cruise.

    Apple is plagued by political infighting and everyone wanting to own a piece of the cake.

    Lyft is just starting and I don't have much insight at Uber.

    In third place is Zoox, which is still very far out from Cruise and Waymo. But still further ahead than all others.

    Argo has a lot of potential due to the close proximity with Ford. But to be seen where they will land with it.

    The others are still trying to define themselves in this environment.
    Mar 3, 2018 3
  • Apple a1z2x3c4 is building quite a strong team for 3D vision aspects of AV with a couple of stellar computer vision researchers joining the team (I don’t have much exposure to other areas of AV).
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