Australia vs Canada for immigration for techies

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Can anyone share the pros and cons of both countries , may be with real life experience ? The advice on internet is basically non definitive , no conclusions , everyone ends up saying it is up to you , that does not help. I am trying to have an easy move to any of these countries and have good life wrt housing , job , education for kids and overall safety and inclusion in culture. Please share your opinions here. Any other country ?
Ultra nationalistic desis and gc holders - if you are going to suggest india , then no thanks. I don't need your advice for it. I can just pack my bags and go there anytime. So let us skip it.
Background-----I have been thinking about settling down some place permanently as the job on h1b is highly unstable and I can't be on mercy of my manager or anyone to decide if I get to stay in this country where I have been for last 4 years and I love US as a country definitely. Got my I140 approved but I just can't do anything permanent like buying a house or a good car as I still need extensions which are at mercy of almighty USCIS. I am seeing many of ex colleagues losing on work extensions due to rfe s and I keep wondering when is it going to be my last day. Plus my fiance is not from tech. It will be really hard for her to sit down empty handed in a completely new country and do nothing. Tc 150k #h1b #rfe #canada # australia #wlb #immigration


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  • Amazon Bubblesz
    IMO Australia is better than Canada. Weather is awesome, people there are enjoying life more than US. Taxes are higher but you get social benefits. Major cities have good infrastructure and public transport (comparing to US). And what you see on the price tags is what you pay at the cashier! No more +tax +tip. Some people argue that Australia is far but how often do you travel internationally in a year, + QANTAS is the world safest airline.
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    • Citrix Systems twitrix
      I second this. Visited Australia a few times and would love to move there. Also, higher overall quality of life than US. Sydney is winning for me!
      Jan 18
  • Canada has more relevant tech jobs and startups. Proximity to the US also is a big plus, in terms of maybe working remotely in a close timezone. It depends on what you're chasing in life. If you can't stand cold, Australia hands down, rationally and financially I'd pick Canada any day.
    Jan 18 1
    • Amazon live-on
      Thank you. I need to do more research
      Jan 21
  • Fast Enterprises skvkzis0
    Personally australia is way better. Traveling around there is a blast, women are smoking, you meet people from all over the world, the beaches make California look like shit
    Jan 18 0
  • Broadcom Ltd. / Eng

    Broadcom Ltd. Eng

    Broadcom Ltd.
    I got myself selected in canada express entry and now in process of getting PR after official doc submission. Most of us are in same boat (good job in US, good pay but high uncertainty of layoff or uscis h1b approval). From what I inquired with my frds in canada and Australia it again boils to ur preference but here are few opinions from them::
    CANADA: Weather can be a con but cost of living is relatively less with friendly work culture and people. Lots of indian communities contributing to economy so that respect us integrating to their culture. Jobs are not as great as US but you will end up finding one after sometime. Might need to travel long distance. Housing in heart of Toronto, Vancouver, metro city is expensive but suburbs are relatively cheap. House quality are good so you won't feel cold inside house. Lots of scope in future to move to US once ur I140 date is current. Cons is canada is still far from India. Express entry will help to get PR relatively quicker and easier (if u qualify for CRS points)

    AUSTRALIA:: Great beach continent. However the population and development are towards the coastal areas only. Coat of living is relatively high. People are not per say against race but they look at other race as "OTHER RACE" especially in people places like concerts and bars (aussie are from britian). No ideas on job since most of my frds are working in insurance firms or hotel industry and I am not interested to work in those sectors. Pros is Australia is closer to India.

    Again sit with ur wife discuss what your plan for future and decide accordingly. Good luck.
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    • Amazon mutableBit
      But what's wrong with OP seeking stability for the long term?
      Jan 18
    • Amazon run_
      This is the kind of answer that OP said we should refrain from. If you are happy where you are, good for you. Don't preach when specifically asked not to.
      Jan 18
  • Zynga cHnr11
    Canada has way better jobs than Australia but the weather is horrid.
    If your working for a top tech company in the US just stay there for the next 2-3 years.Its better to stay on a H1 and keep renewing than immigrate to all these places(Europe included)
    Jan 19 0
  • Amazon ninjanu
    Australia scores higher on my list. Canada weather sucks, big time. Australia is nice, timezone closer to India and lot of nice touristy places and countries nearby.
    Jan 18 0
  • Credit Karma Yahoooo!
    In US, you can make twice the money of Canada.
    So, working 10 years in US = 20 years in Canada (to save equivalent).
    Also, Canada tech scene is very poor and it's not even improving. But again this depends on your ambition. If you want to coast at terminal level, you are better off to Canada with stability. If you want to keep moving up the ladder or keep doing new stuff, US visa pain is worth it given the amount of opportunities
    Jan 18 5
    • Credit Karma Bing!!
      Sorry for name change.
      If you are laid off you can easily find a job that can move you to Canada or in US.
      You work at Amazon, how difficult it is really for you to get another job with decent company?
      Jan 18
    • Amazon live-on
      Amazon does not guarantee job. It is more of finding a sponsor and not job.
      Jan 18
  • I am studying in australia so I can chip in.
    Regarding better jobs than Canada.
    tech jobs in india are much better than Aus and Canada.
    As an Australian citizen, you can work in US anytime and you are closer to singapore which is shaping up to be Apac center for tech.

    Australia is a good place to raise kids and really good transport.

    Zendesk square snap Google Amazon Mongodb hire in australia. From what I am hearing in some circles, so does Uber.

    If 21st century is going to be an Asian century. I would want to be in Australia than canada
    Jan 21 1
    • Amazon live-on
      Thank you for your insight, it does help.
      Jan 21
  • NetSuite / Product

    NetSuite Product

    Bed Bath & Beyond, Cognizant, Infosys, Nike, Walmart, Hallmark
    Another important aspect is the type of te h roles you are in currently, for my role and Australia did not have enough companies offering similar roles, Canada was better hence the choice.

    Also check your fiance's skills and job market for the similar role.
    Jan 18 1
    • Amazon live-on
      Thank you for your suggestion
      Jan 21


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