Bay Area (Fremont) Private Schools

Jan 15 5 Comments

Potentially moving to the Bay Area. Any private elementary school recommendations in/near the Fremont area?


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  • Apple Berlin007
    Stratford and Challanger are good in Bay Area

    Stratford is good for overall development, study + extracurricular

    Challanger is academically more rigorous
    Jan 15 0
  • Western Digital hum_tum
    Basis independent if you have more 💰
    Jan 15 0
  • Amazon thedop
    My child already goes to Private where we live now so looking to continue that. Not looking for a private vs public debate, simply asking for real recommendations based on experience. Thank you
    Jan 15 0
  • why private?
    Jan 15 1
    • Yahoo FFnl47
      Because of overflow
      Jan 15


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