Best FAANG company for improving skills?

Feb 13 17 Comments

I understand that many like the work-life balance of say Google or Facebook more than say Amazon or Tesla. And also the onsite benefits tend to have people gravitate more towards companies with them.

I'm specifically, utterly focused on growth in skills and general acumen, work output, and business understanding. Given that is the only criteria, e.g. throw work-life balance, benefits, free food, niceness of mangers etc. out the window, what would be the best FAANG or FAANG-like company to work with, in your opinion?

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  • Not Google, because all the technologies you learn are specific to Google
    Feb 13 3
    • That's probably equally true at the other faangs, with the difference being that at them, both the tool knowledge and the domain knowledge are transferrable.
      Feb 13
    • Same as Amazon. Not transferable
      Feb 13
  • Microsoft topcontrib
    Definitely not google. FB likely and then Amazon
    Feb 13 0
  • Splunk koolaidd
    Perhaps a start-up where you can wear multiple hats and have bigger impact?
    Feb 13 3
    • Daimler DDhenier
      How many ?
      Feb 13
    • Microsoft topcontrib
      Out of college maybe , once you have 10+ years no ? Will you wear a front end html coding hat when you are an ML data scientist ? Companies like Uber forced this and if you are unhappy or you show dissatisfaction you will be killed
      Feb 13
  • Amazon / Eng GoNiners
    What makes you think Facebook has better WLB than Amazon lmaaaooo

    I've learned more at a faster rate in Amazon than I have any other tech company. Definitely made me a better engineer
    Feb 13 0
  • Microsoft saulgoodmn
    Facebook for sure
    Google defo not
    Feb 13 0
  • Google Uyxy00
    For work output and business stuff, Amazon > FB >> Google.
    Feb 14 3
    • Google Uyxy00
      The tools don't matter that much. Processes and culture are far more important.
    • Fair point but may depends on team. My team aint good
  • New / Biz Dev

    New Biz Dev

    be blind
    Are we going to put Tesla in the acronym?
    3d 0
  • JPMorgan Chase / Eng (๑•﹏•)
    I really don't think as of this point that people are switching their technologies once they have started working in it. I don't think that people move from stack to stack.. it's allot harder specially if you bring in there build tools, testing tools, and then the actual scope of the tech stack... It can be over whelming. Perhaps if someone can shed some light as to how much knowledge have they acquire in a particular tech or in multiple of them.
    Feb 13 0


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