Big deal or not?

Jan 14 6 Comments

Currently report to manager (Mr. X)
But work for two other managers (Mr. A & Mr. B) on seperate projects

Previously, I reported and worked for Mr. A

I approached someone at an external company on LinkedIn who worked at GM before. He asked me who I worked under. I said Mr. A (as his team works on same tech as this external company).

This external guy contacts Mr. A and later Mr. X to get a recommendation. Mr. A gave a positive feedback and Mr. X had to do the same. But now Mr. X is holding it against me and giving me hard time.

Is what I did a big deal?



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  • New HXwF46
    No. You screwed you. Not anyone else. External guy helped you screw yourself also. The bright side, you didn't even get an offer and now get to work with managers who know you tried to jump ship.

    Dont reach out to people close enough to harm you on linkedin. Go to the hr folks at some company if you are interested. They know not to screw a candidate or let a HM screw a candidate.

    If you were not looking hard for a new job, start now.
    Jan 14 0
  • Amazon ninjanu
    You should never give permission to recruiters to reach out to current manager or even anyone in current company. If you don’t get this offer your manager will screw you.
    Jan 14 2
    • General Motors Kgt74x
      - I didn't give recruiter permission
      - I did not get an offer
      - Exactly like you said, Mr. X is screwing me
      Jan 14
    • Amazon ninjanu
      If you run into similar situation again, give them the reference of a friend who could act out as your manager.
      Jan 14
  • Cox Automotive zerodawn
    If you didn't give permission to contact Mr X, they shouldn't have done so. That matter aside, people have feelings and can take you leaving personally even though your career needs to be your primary focus.
    Jan 14 0
  • General Motors Kgt74x
    Quite interesting response. I did not imagine it was that bad considering I used to report to Mr. A and still assigned to spend 50% of my time on his projects
    Jan 14 0


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