Bothell vs sammamish

Jan 13 9 Comments

Hi All,

Looking for some good suggestions.
I am looking to buy a house. But not able to figure out which one should i choose, big home in bothell or modern townhouse in sammamish area. Sammamish townhouse is more expensive than the bigger community house in bothell.


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  • Boeing tkoaok
    Either way, you'll spend a lot of time in the car. I love living in Seattle, where I can walk to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, on and on. And my street is quiet. I can't imagine living in the burbs again.
    Jan 13 4
    • Amazon run_
      Downtown living is not ideal for families with kids.
      Jan 13
    • Microsoft


      Definitely not ideal for kids but there are great family-friendly neighborhoods near downtown (eg. Queen Anne, Green Lake)
      Jan 13
  • Microsoft zunelover
    Bothell, because of proximity to Kirkland and Bellevue, which is where Tech is likely to establish in the future. Sammamish is good for Microsoft, but bad for most other locations.
    Jan 13 0
  • Google fgrq
    Go for home! Bothell will grow, your kids will love the extra backyard space!
    Jan 13 0
  • SAP cwWg17
    I grew up in Bothell and live in Sammamish now. Overall I'd go for Bothell based on your comments as I think a town house takes away a lot of benefits of living in the burbs and people don't seem to stay in the townhomes long before they look for a house with yard. Both have great schools, but the commute is better from Sammamish. I'd say Bothell is likely to grow faster so perhaps more upside potential. Similar shopping offering. For me the killer with Bothell is the lack of a decent freeway access (Bothell Everett Highway sucks) so I might look at other communities along the i90 (eg Snoqualmie) ... But given your criteria and two options I'd likely go with Bothell.
    Jan 13 0
  • Google fgrq
    Price of upgrading your Bothell home to a modern home will increase less sharply as the price to buy a house in Sammamish.
    Jan 13 0


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