Bumped into a Hiring Manager who had rejected me

Feb 22, 2019 55 Comments

Interviewed at Adobe and Hiring Manager took me out for lunch. The loop went great except an interview where they had a couple of interns who grilled me on syntactical errors and wanted runnable code on whiteboard. I bombed that interview because I was like WTF in my head. Not because it was interns, but because they didn’t really know stuff. I was pissed.

The day after getting a reject email I am at a grocery store and bump into the hiring manager. I say “Hi” and asked him “what happened ?”. He said “We didn’t find you as a right fit.” and he walked by.

I have since then replayed the scene umpteen times in my head seeing myself burning him. I feel I missed the chance to at least give him the right feedback on how he should train his interns how to interview.

How would have you roasted him ?


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TOP 55 Comments
  • Intuit bdasihx
    I wouldn’t roast him and work on my interview at the other company
    Feb 22, 2019 0
  • Microsoft / Eng pvdhjcb
    Interns interviewing??? Run!
    Feb 22, 2019 0
  • Interns interviewing potential FT candidates at Adobe? Jesus christ!
    Feb 22, 2019 0
  • New


    Harvard Business Publishing, Dick's Sporting Goods
    sex on the beach
    Interns interviewing? The company would crash and burn soon if this continues, I'd say good riddance
    Feb 22, 2019 0
  • New Jru7w
    i let interns interview when i don't think the candidate is a good fit and don't want to waste the time of my senior people
    Feb 22, 2019 25
    • Oracle fatalflaw
      eSt6g, with your attitude, no, I won't. Multiple times above, I wanted to respond to you in the same manner as you, but I figured you'd beat me at that, so I chose not to. Now, it's a Friday evening. Have a nice one!
      Feb 22, 2019
    • Intel UGeJ58
      What's the name of your company? Asking for a friend who doesn't ever want a bitter and shitty manager.

      Do you really think you are the pinnacle of interviewing excellence and nobody else has a single insight?
      Feb 22, 2019
  • Two Sigma pci bus
    Actually it’s a good result. It’s not rare for me to encounter unqualified interviewers and they may decide me not fit. This is a situation of being overqualified. Ask yourself do you really want to work there with them? With the manger who is not able to deal with incapable peers?
    Feb 22, 2019 0
  • Asurion awesurion
    Four hours plus commute to be precise plus explaining to everyone over and over again on what I do. I don’t care about his opinion about me anymore.
    Feb 22, 2019 4
    • Square / Eng SQ
      If you're this entitled and whiny online you undoubtedly were in person.
      Feb 22, 2019
    • Intel UGeJ58
      Personalities don't magically change online, it's just the spotlight grows a bit larger
      Feb 23, 2019
  • Google raAG25
    You dodged a bullet
    Feb 22, 2019 0
  • Intel bittie
    You don’t wanna work there.
    Feb 22, 2019 0
  • Yahoo ninendo
    Don’t feel like they wanted to treat you seriously in the first place. Again, why Adobe?
    Feb 22, 2019 2
    • I feel it’s an underrated company with salary at par with FANG.
      Feb 24, 2019
    • Yahoo ninendo
      Salary? That’s a firm hell no
      Feb 24, 2019


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