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Oct 6, 2018 18 Comments

I just interviewed for a full-time TDP role at Capital One. One thing that attracted me was the work-life balance they advertised.

From my questions with several interviewers it sounded like oncall is only during business hours for Software Engineers and after business hours they have a separate team that handles issues.

Is this accurate or was I misunderstanding/being told the wrong thing? Anyone have experience with on call at C1 or any other comments about the work life balance?


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  • Capital One / Eng cbfg
    Company has great work life balance. That said teams have on call rotation which extend to evenings but how much you get called really depend on the project you are on. The one I am in, even when on call most weeks you are never called at all. For external facing system there are ops center to provide eye-on-glass support so that will help alleviate the load as well.

    TDP program is good because you get a rotation and can apply to the project through an internal site for your 2nd year rotation. After that you can choose to stay in same team or change to anything else. Company is growing and we are always hiring so many that you will have no problem for internal movements.
    Oct 6, 2018 3
    • USAA MvHr562
      What @cbfg says is accurate and aligns with my experience @ c1. Its a great company to work for. Work/Life balance @ c1 is pretty easy to handle there. TDP is a great program. If the offer is good, theres no reason not to take it. As mentioned, under TDP you’ll rotate to different teams and even LOBs to get a taste of everything. Typically you stick on your third rotation.

      @tec101, how about no bonus, salary cap and no rsu refresher @ amazon not to mention a toxic work culture. Those seem like good reasons to me.
      Oct 6, 2018
    • Capital One / Eng desu
      You think capital one has an rsu refresher?
      You think capital one does RSUs?
      You think there's a 3rd rotation in the TDP program?

      You were never in the TDP program, you moron.
      Oct 8, 2018
  • Capital One WutDa😎😎
    Quite a few tdps are looking to move on after just 1 year in the program ; why would you even consider us if you are already at amazon? If you have no other offers , join and continue preparing to move out

    Don’t believe the smoke screen of “rotation” ; quite a good amount this year of tdp didn’t get any role they wanted and were thrown onto teams randomly
    Oct 6, 2018 6
    • Capital One Stock$$😎
      ^^ you are an exception not the norm.
      Oct 8, 2018
    • Capital One / Eng desu
      Yeah, definitely an exception to the norm.
      Oct 8, 2018
  • Capital One coxabq
    To op:

    The intent of on call here is you build you own. If you are working on a project that delivers a product and if you as a developer wrote code that handles all possible scenarios gracefully as a team, then you do not have to worry about on call as you will not be paged. It’s unreasonable to expect someone outside project to debug code and fix it when there is an issue.

    It’s a means to ensure code quality. Substance matters 😀.

    The topic diverges to other areas as I skimmed through the responses. So filter them and take answers for your direct question..
    Oct 14, 2018 1
    • Capital One / Eng cbfg
      This is spot on.
      Oct 14, 2018
  • Bank of America curiousd
    I recommend you take it, less stress as compared to Amazon and you will end up making more than Amazon burnouts who flameout after 6 years
    Oct 6, 2018 1
    • Amazon tergabey
      Yeah that's why I'm not taking Amazon's return offer primarily.
      Oct 6, 2018
  • Capital One not-a-bot
    It highly depends on the team you're working on. In my first rotation as a tdp, we had week-long on-call schedules and every other week someone got a page in the middle of the night. Both of my teams have had "manual deployments" that must be done after normal business hours --- my first rotation I was doing things at 10pm+ at least once every two weeks; my current team is better but it looks like we have a 9pm+ thing at least once a month. (E.g. I got off a call at 2am last night that started at 8pm, but that was a bit unusual for this team.)

    On the other hand, some teams have everything fly-by-wire and don't need to wake up in the middle of the night at all. Basically, don't assume that every team here has great work life balance --- some do, some don't.

    Actually, that's one big thing I wish someone had told me in college --- company culture almost doesn't matter at all, but your team culture is very important. I thought things like work-life balance, dress code, coding standards, etc. were a company-culture thing, but all of that varies on a team to team basis.
    Oct 6, 2018 0
  • Capital One minhash
    We have pager duty on my team. Technically, you can get called after hours, but over the year we have had it only one person has ever been called after hours (9 pm) which was a false alarm.
    Oct 6, 2018 0
  • Capital One / Eng rfsee
    Nope. No runbooks, incompetent command center triggering false alarms, and shit code written by shit engineers means you will be on call and blown up every other minute
    Oct 24, 2018 0


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