Capital One vs FAANG?

Jan 17 9 Comments

Im a principal level at Capital One making 150k/yr. About 5yrs of experience with a JavaScript focus. I am an AWS certified architect near DC and im pretty sure i could easily get a job with AWS, but i don’t know about the other companies.

Lets say Im eventually targeting FB google or apple. Should I remain an engineer or switch to a manager role? My next level as an engineer would be what we call a Master Engineer, which is equivalent to a manager in level, but im not sure how that translates to other companies.

Lastly, would working up ar Capital One or would going to amazon help me more to my eventual target?


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  • Capital One LilRich
    5 YOE is not manager level at FAANG. Probably SWE 2, 3 if you perform well on the interview. Master software engineer at C1 is tech lead level, not people manager (with some exceptions but not often)
    Jan 17 2
    • Capital One euhl44
      I see ur at C1 also so I appreciate your comment!! To be clear: my manager has made it clear my next step is people manager if I want it, and otherwise I can go master.
      Jan 17
    • Capital One LilRich
      Right, my manager is also a master SE so I think it definitely happens but generally the case is Sr managers manage the team from what I’ve observed. FAANG definitely would downlevel you at 5 YOE though, from what I’ve seen on blind
      Jan 17
  • Amazon readme.q
    Ah good ol cap one level names ... principal with 5yoe and going on master and paying sde1 money

    Realistically you’re e4 m a y b e e5 at fb for example or sde2 at Amazon.

    If you want to manage - manage - but that’s a different path from a developer
    Jan 18 1
    • Capital One LilRich
      Well “principal associate” <-> “senior software engineer”, “manager” <-> “master software engineer”
      Jan 18
  • Indeed / Eng rainwater
    you should probably join aws as first step
    Jan 18 0
  • New nqSf05
    What’s the TC?
    Jan 17 1
    • Capital One euhl44
      I got 15k signing bonus but plz ignore Bc I’m not interested in hopping each year. Perf bonus is 7k ish not exactly sure hasn’t gone thru
      Jan 17
  • Morgan Stanley fruubcdr56
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