Career growth at Apple, Facebook, Google?

Jul 29, 2018 21 Comments

Can someone give a comparison of the opportunities for growth at Apple, Facebook, and Google? Are they pretty similar or noticeably different? I.e. where can I get higher levels/TC faster?

I just joined Apple, so don’t really know how it works here. I’m an engineer and looking for the best balance of growth and mobility, as I don’t want to be stuck to one technology or doing one thing for my whole career.


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  • Apple


    Texas Instruments
    Jul 29, 2018 3
    • Amazon Planck
      But... Google is nototously slow to promote and FB has all sorts of overpromoted tinpot L8s pulling in millions a year. G has tons of brilliant but overqualified engineers making tweaks and bigfixes who leave because of lack of impact and growth opportunities.
      Jul 29, 2018
    • Google burnaaaa
      Huh. I would’ve guessed F > G >> A
      Jul 29, 2018
  • Microsoft IEjP42
    You own your growth plan. It’s not limited nor is it defined for you at any company.
    Jul 29, 2018 1
    • Apple / Eng NRxt00
      But certainly if you work just as hard across all, promotions could arrive at different times, no? Plus I guess if your coworkers work harder at one place that can push you to work harder as well, but let’s leave that out of the equation
      Jul 29, 2018
  • Facebook / Eng RedWitch
    I think f is faster than g. Rockstars can get level 5 in 2-3 years, then 6 in another 2 years. The promotion process has less process than google so it seems easier to get your promo through here
    Jul 29, 2018 0
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    • LinkedIn Pretakalpa
      Thanks for sharing :)
      Jul 29, 2018
    • Facebook Whatzi
      I’ve heard some orgs are phasing out M0, meaning you need to get to E6 to switch to the management track (M1). Ymmv
      Jul 29, 2018
  • Facebook / Eng unicorn-
    FB is by far the best option if you want to grow and learn as an engineer who wants to build things that are used. Because the ship cycle is fast and the products are deployed to a large audiences or at a huge scale for Infra - you get to test your thinking and assumptions. At a startup, you can ship quickly but you have very few users while Google you have a 50/50 of never shipping. Google is a better option if you want to get deeper theoretically but don’t care as much if your ideas would really work.
    Jul 29, 2018 0
  • Google WjSp40
    F has faster growth, G has better wlb. G has more diverse opportunities if you want breadth. Comp wise g == f > a
    Jul 29, 2018 0
  • Apple / Eng
    love 🍎

    Apple Eng

    Engineering, devops,AI,database
    love 🍎more
    Jul 29, 2018 3
    • Apple / Eng cho Chang
      Very difficult to reach level 5 at Apple
      Jul 29, 2018
    • What’s the tc range for level 5
      Jul 29, 2018
  • Tesla kBoC50
    How do you go from 5 to 6 at fb?
    Jul 29, 2018 0


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