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New CJwV33
Jan 23 4 Comments

Hi, so I signed a job offer and consented to a background check. I guess they just Googled(?) the contact info for all the companies on my resume, because I never gave any contact info for my previous managers. Then, today I get an email from the CEO of a tiny startup I worked for a while back telling me that someone emailed the generic inquiries email address “” about doing a background check on me, and he wanted to confirm that it’s a legit background check and not some scam. Which got me thinking, that startup had a very generic name and it has only like 10 employees, so the background check company probably just Googled the startup name and contacted a few that came up. I’m wondering how is that even professional? What if they emailed the wrong startup, or what if my manager didn’t have the courtesy to reach out to me and just marked the email as spam? Also now I’m afraid this background check company might randomly screw something else up and fail me, even tho my resume is 100% legit, so should I inform the hiring company? Like one other company I worked for was recently renamed, and I also worked for a large tech firm that probably won’t answer unsolicited emails. BTW it’s a large financial services company.


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  • Who is the bg check company?
    Jan 23 1
    • New CJwV33
      "Info Search Associates, Inc" in Bohemia, NY
      Jan 23
  • Uber +123456
    My background check came up with all sorts of issues for people with the same name as me, one who lived in the same area. Fortunately none of them resulted in a no hire. As it would be I think these places just cast as wide of a meet as possible and then let the candidate correct errors if any are flagged as concerns.
    Jan 25 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    You are making a lot of assumptions. I would leave things be.

    In actuality, they probably searched in a tool with public records info.
    Jan 23 0